Solar System Maintenance Cleaning Services

We have a specialist in house team who focus on all aspects of solar panel cleaning, from access solutions to the safe cleaning of your solar PV system.

Offering various services that is tailored to your needs as we aim to exceed your expectations. Our commitment in customer satisfaction is reflected by our outstanding reputation, as we proudly deliver quality, reliable and professionalism in all aspects of solar panel cleaning.

Contact the Elite Construction Team today on 0333 533 1505.

What are the benefits of having your solar panels cleaned by a professional?

By using a professional team, such as Elite Construction, we can detect issues with your solar panel system before they become costly, and use our experience to perform a full health check if you require. Our professional team can carry out the work safely and effectively reducing risk of damage to the panelling or the roofing (or yourself). Cleaning solar panels can be especially hazardous as they are a favourite site for wasp nests.

We also use distilled water to give a spot-free finish and prevent the residue that occurs when tap water is used, which in turn attracts further dirt. Once the panels are cleaned, they will work much more effectively, and the cleaner finish will mean they continue to work at optimal levels for longer.

Request A Call Back

We are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to repair your water ingress issue or internal damage and can supply a quote by email on receipt of accurate images and a description of the work required.