Do you need emergency roof repairs?

We are fully contactable 24 hours a day.  Our helpful team will be on standby, waiting to take your call in the event of storm damage, vandalism, or an unexpected leak.

We are fast, reliable and offer a reactive 24/7 call out service nationwide. We can generally attend within hours to commence the necessary repair work to prevent further water incursion and potentially save both you and your business thousands.

Contact the Elite Construction Team today on 0333 533 1505, for free water ingress mitigation advice, or log your water ingress emergency here and a member of our team will generally contact you within 30 minutes.

We cover all aspects of water ingress damage, such as:

  • Storm damage repair work
  • Insurance cover repair work
  • Restoration/decoration work

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Instant callouts

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, through vandalism or incident, contact us now.

We provide emergency roof repairs nationwide and with accurate details of the damage, or an image, we can provide a quote within minutes, enabling you to decide on how to go about your repairs quickly and to prevent further damage rapidly.






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