Emergency roof repairs in Greater Manchester


Leak Investigation Technical Surveying Services

At Elite Construction, if you have an emergency roof repair, we can provide you with a free initial survey to assess the damage and provide you with an estimate of the cost of repa...  more  

Waterproofing Refurbishment Services

We pride ourselves on being experts in waterproofing installation.   more  

Reactive Emergency Call Out Repair Services

We are available for you to call at all hours of the day or night. Our helpful team will be on standby, waiting to take your call in the event of storm damage, vandalism, or an une...  more  

Roof Maintenance Services

From gutter cleaning to roof repair, Elite Construction have you covered. We will ensure your roof continues to protect the rest of your property from water damage.  more  

General Site Maintenance Services

If your industrial building needs ongoing maintenance and repair, you can arrange a regular contract with our team.  more  

Solar System Maintenance Cleaning Services

We have a specialist in house team who focus on all aspects of solar panel cleaning, from access solutions to the safe cleaning of your solar PV system.   more  

Internal Leak Restoration & Decoration Services

Our specialist team will also take care of any remedial work, repairing internal leaks, and restoring and repairing any internal damage caused by water incursion.   more  

Building and construction services

We can carry out various aspects of building and construction to your premises, both internal and external with quality workmanship and finished every time. Aspects such as:  more